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Baldwins Furniture

Photo Gallery

Custom Built Furniture Custom Built Furniture Tuxedo Sofa JF fabric grey with silver stripe affect . Made by Baldwins craftsmen done with accenting silver nail heads. 112887740 Tuxedo Sofa Side view with decorative silver nailheads 112987608 Tuxedo Sofa 113702386 Custom design sofa Sofa and Chairs made for Luc Crawford Design Inc. Ottawa. JF fabrics grey velvet 112887742 Custom Sofa JF grey velvet 112887744 Head Board king size head board made for Irene Langlois. Telifina fabric cut velvet 112887746 Head Board detailing piped edge king size head board 112887747 Head Board made for Irene Langlois Interiors 112987616 Eagle Arm Side Chair Carved Eagle head on arm with a Bronze finish 112987614 Sofa Bed Robert Allen fabric cotton stripe. Sofa is built by Baldwins craftsmen with solid maple constuction 112887739 storage ottoman Joanne Fabric 113651832 custom built headboard Featured in [email protected] 113651833 custom built chaise Chaise with down pillows 121716620 Queen bed frame Custom made queen bed with drawers on each side 128465144 Little princess bed custom made by Baldwins 149332062 Drapery , Desk, chair custom made drapery, old desk repainted new crystal handles, chair restyled and painted. 149332063 desk chair painted and restyled by Baldwins 149332064 Princess headdoard and valance box 149332065